Changing your password on Volaby

Changing your password while signed into Volaby can be done through your Account Settings. To access Account Settings simply open your user menu from the top-right corner of your screen and hit Account Settings.

You will need to know your current password and ensure your new password is different.

If you receive the below error message, you have not entered the correct current password or your current and new password are the same.

Alternatively you can go to My Elements and select Edit profile, then select the Account Settings tab.

Once in Account Settings, open the Password screen and follow the instructions. You’ll need to enter your existing password (Old Password) once, and then enter a new password. You can click on the Eye icon on the right side of each of the text boxes to show/hide what you’re typing.

Once you’re happy with your new password hit Update Password, and you’re done!

Your new password can now be used the next time you sign into Volaby.

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