Activities are Volaby’s way of connecting volunteers with volunteering opportunities. In Volaby, an activity can be almost anything: weekly outreach shifts, monthly catch ups, weekend events, packing events, ad-hoc meetups, and anything in between.

Let’s start with the lifecycle of an activity:

  1. You create an activity to describe a volunteering opportunity, set the time frame, and add session(s) to breakdown the work

  2. Volunteers can apply to join the team, join an activity immediately, or, are added to the team by managers

  3. Volunteers choose their availability for upcoming dates (rosters) and times (sessions)

  4. Rosters are published to let people know they’ve been selected for specific dates and times

  5. Volunteers attend the activity and do their thing!

  6. Reports are submitted to capture volunteer hours and custom impact data from each session

  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 forever, or until the activity time frame is over

We have a vision for volunteering that is inclusive of, but also extends far beyond, the regular week-by-week service model that our previous system (Shifts) were bias towards. You have a dedicated, passionate, and diverse pool of volunteers who are all driven by a common desire to do good, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. With Activities, we are building an ecosystem wherein your volunteers can feel more engaged and be even closer to new volunteering opportunities as they arise.

Ready? Let's create your first activity!

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