What is a roster?

Rosters are an essential ingredient in every Volaby recipe. Every activity should feature at least one roster at some point. Rosters provide your volunteers with important communication and visibility around the dates and times that they're expected to attend activities.

What type of roster do I use for my activities?

When creating an activity, the type of roster can be configured through the Roster Settings section.

Managed rosters

Volunteers indicate availability, managers or activity leaders are responsible for selecting the team and publishing the roster. Managed rosters must still be published for volunteers to be notified of their volunteering. Cancelling a roster will notify all volunteers immediately via email.

CLICK HERE for how to create a Managed Roster

Open rosters

Volunteers can add and remove themselves from the roster freely. Cancelling a roster will notify all volunteers immediately via email.

CLICK HERE for how to create an Open Roster

For regular activities

Regular activities use managed or open rosters, depending on the type of activity. Regular activities will have empty rosters generated for all of the dates prescribed by the frequency that was selected when the activity was created. These rosters won’t be generated beyond the end date if one was chosen. You can create additional rosters for dates other than the ones generated by the activity frequency; we call these instant rosters.

Managed rosters are published to let people know they’ve been selected for specific dates and times OR if your activity uses open rosters, volunteers will be able to join the roster immediately.

For flexible activities

Flexible activities, on the other hand, will not generate any empty rosters. You’ll need to create an instant roster for each date that you’ll run the activity. Using instant rosters is not optional when working with flexible activities, so understanding how instant rosters work is crucial to most teams on Volaby.

CLICK HERE for how to create an Instant Roster

Who can do what with rosters?

  • Activity Leaders can only edit rosters for the Activities that they are an Activity Leader for.

  • Program Managers can edit rosters for any Activity in their Program.

  • Admins can edit rosters for any Activity in Campfire

Rostering via Activities:

  1. Click on Activities Console

  2. Click on an upcoming activity you wish to create a rostered for to see the editable roster screen

Have a quick look at the section highlighted below and what each of them tells you.

  • Activity Name – you can use this title to click see more information about the activity when needed

  • Cancel Activity Button – you are able to cancel the activity through this button. you will be prompted to provide a reason for the cancellation for data reporting purposes.

  • Activity Volunteers – The list of all volunteers who are enrolled in that activity. Volunteers are listed in the following order: Available, No Indication, Unavailable. You can put a volunteer on a roster regardless of their indication of availability (unless they have said they are unavailable).

  • Sessions within the activity - use can see the sessions across the screen and the ability to roster volunteers on one or multiple sessions.

There are multiple states that can appear for each volunteer on the roster screen.

  • No indication: The volunteer has not indicated whether they are available or unavailable to attend the in

  • Available: the volunteer is available to attend the activity

  • To be rostered: the volunteer has not been rostered yet

  • Rostered: the volunteer is rostered onto the activity

  • To be removed: remove a volunteer from an activity

  • Unavailable (for individual sessions)

  • Unavailable for this date

When a roster has unsaved or unpublished changes, a footer card will appear at the bottom of the screen and will remain as long as there are any changes that haven't been published for that roster.

Publishing rosters

Rosters can be published by Activity Leaders, Program Managers and Admins. When a roster is published, rostered volunteers will receive an email from Volaby notifying them that they have been rostered on for the selected Activity and date.

Rosters can be republished as many times as needed, but keep in mind that email notifications notifying volunteers of any updates relevant to them will be sent out with each publication.

Newly rostered volunteers will receive an email notifying them if the updated roster is published. Likewise, volunteers who have been removed from some or all sessions will also be notified when the roster is published.

CLICK HERE for how edit or cancel a roster

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