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Creating an account using the Sign Up form

To create an account you need to visit the Sign Up form. You’ll normally be directed here through a link on a website, or via an invite email sent by Volaby. The sign up form asks for three (3) simple things to create your Volaby account:

  1. Your name (first and last),

  2. Your email address (used to sign in to Volaby and receive news) (you won't need to input this if you are being directing to sign-up from an invite email)

  3. A password

Screening Questions

Once you have inputted these details, hit 'Submit' where you might encounter a couple of screening questions. These are simple yes/no questions that give your organisation a little more information about yourself. Complete these to finalise your sign up. If everything looks good from a screening point of view you’ll be sent to the email verification step, if no screening questions - awesome(!) you are straight through (no need to do the next step).

Email Verification

You will have received an email from (be sure to check your junk) asking you to verify your email address. Follow the link provided in the email to complete this verification. Once this is done you can return to your original Volaby tab, where you’ll be signed into your account.

Sometimes your organisation needs to review your sign up application first. Once this has been approved you’ll receive another email from with further instructions on on verifying your email address and finalising your sign up.

Setting up your profile

Submitting your ‘Volunteer Profile Form’

The Volunteer Profile Form is an opportunity to provide important details to your organisation. This includes your home and mailing address, and an emergency contact. You’ll also have the chance to share any health condition information that might be necessary to keep you and others safe.

Once you’ve completed the form hit Submit Volunteer Profile at the bottom of the page to package everything up and send it off.

Some teams will manually verify your volunteer profile, so you might need to wait for this to be done. We’ll email you when your profile has been processed.

Completing ‘Your Tasks’

The tasks listed under the Required Tasks section will need to be completed before completing your application. Click into any task to view the requirements and find out what you need to complete it.

Each of your tasks will normally involve answering some questions or providing some details about yourself. Some tasks will have Attachments for you to open or download. Some tasks may also ask you to upload your own attachment using an UPLOAD RESOURCE button.

You’ll find instructions at the top of each of your tasks. Read through the questions carefully, enter your responses, then hit Submit button at the top of the page once you’re done.

If you need to change any of the responses to a completed task you can open it and click on Submit New to start over.

Anything listed in the Extra Tasks section may not be required to complete your initial profile, but might be good to include depending on your role in the team. Read through these carefully to see if any make sense to complete, given your situation.

Next Steps

As soon as your volunteer profile is completed you’ll be signed in to your Volaby volunteer account. Welcome to Volaby!

Check out the guide on applying to join a team for some things that you can do next.

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