My Activities page

This is where all of the activities you have joined, or applied for, will live. From here you can manage your availabilities, pending applications and waitlist applications.

Your pending activities will be listed on the right side of the page, while the main view will show the calendar with upcoming dates. You can click into any of the days on the calendar to see activities for that specific date (useful if you have lots of activities for a given week/month).

Selecting your availabilities is very helpful when you follow a legend, which is always available to you on the My Activities page:

Clicking on the 'Legend' button show you what each colour on the calendar represents.

Selecting your availabilities

To show you are available to attend an upcoming activity on, so that you can then (potentially) be rostered on, select 'Available'. This will bring up a dialog with a list of the sessions that make up the activity.

For activities that have the 'open rosters' label, you'll need to select 'Attending' to bring up this dialog.

Here, you'll need to pick the session/s you can commit to and then click Done.

If the activity uses managed rosters, you'll need to wait for a manager to roster you on, and you'll be notified when you have been rostered.

For activities with open rosters, you'll be immediately added to the roster after hitting Done so make sure to select only the session(s) that you're intending to attend for that date.

Changing/updating your availability

Be sure to visit the My Activities page regularly to keep your availability up to date so that managers know when they can roster you on to attend activities, and also to mark yourself as attending for any open rosters that you're interested in.

You can change your selected availability if need be by clicking on 'Update', keeping in mind that for managed rosters you can only do so when you are not on the published roster yet.

For upcoming activities that use open rosters, you can update your attendance any time before the activity operates by clicking 'More' and selecting 'Update' from the dropdown menu.

Withdrawing availabilities

Withdrawing your availability will indicate to a manager that you are now unavailable and cannot be rostered on. Whereas updating you availability might be for times where you realise you are available for other sessions.

You will only be able to withdraw your availability for a managed roster before it's been published. If you were rostered on, but can't make it for the activity anymore, you'll need to get in contact with your Activity Leader or Program Manager so that they can update the roster on your behalf.

For open rosters, you'll be able to withdraw your attendance at any time before the activity operates. Simply click the 'More' button and then select 'Withdraw' from the dropdown menu to remove your attendance.

Viewing roster information

When you are rostered on, you can view the roster and see the full details of the activity.

Click on View Roster to bring up roster information dialog which contains session information and a list of other volunteers who are rostered on to attend the same session(s) as you.

Viewing activity information

Click on the activity's name to view more information about the activity, such as its frequency, location and more importantly, team information.

In this dialog you will be able to see the contact for any Activity Leaders who have been assigned to the activity.

Be sure to continue to set your availabilities!

Hint: the My Activities screen is on a Month to Month basis - why not do your availabilities every month!

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