You might be asked by your team leader, or volunteer manager to submit the end of activity report through Volaby. An Activity Report exists as the collection of Session Reports for the given activity and date.

Reports can be accessed through:

  • Volunteering / Activity Report (for Volunteers)

  • Management / Activities Console (for Program Managers and Activity Leaders)

How to submit a report:

  1. Head to the Activity Report page

  2. View the range of dates an select the date you are completing the report for. If this report is for a previous month, you will need to click View All Incomplete Reports

3. Fill out the details of the report including the Start and End time (don't forget the am/pm notation here!)

4. Complete the attendance list. This is the list of volunteers who were rostered on. If you need to add more volunteers, click "All Volunteers" and if another person/people was in attendance, click "Add Other Attendee" and individually add volunteers.

5. Complete the rest of the report with information from the activity.

6. Hit "Submit". If it doesn't submit correctly, check you have entered information into all the required fields.

Changing a report once submitted

Only one report needs to be submitted per activity and only one volunteer per activity can submit a report. If you are a volunteer and would like to add information to a submitted report, you will need to contact your volunteering organisation to do so.

If you are a Program Manager or Admin you will be able to change the information in a submitted report by clicking "Edit Report" and resubmitting once complete.

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