In the Activities Console there are 2 views, the Map view or the Timeline view.

Map View

The Map view is the default view and is very similar to the Activities list your volunteers see. This is purposeful as we believe in the transparency and clarity of information. There are quite a few filtering options on the top horizontal ribbon where you can pick to see what days, programs (if you are an admin or manager of more than one), activity types (see activity type differences [here]), locations and timings of the day. This is really helpful if you have a really long list of activities and need to find a specific activity and know these (or some of these) details about it.

Timeline View

Upcoming Rosters

Past Reports

The Timeline view is a one-stop shop for all of your Rosters and Reports - past, present, and future. Using the Directory, any Activity and date can be located and opened. Any Upcoming Activities opened from the Timeline will be presented through the Roster interface, while Activities from the History list will be opened in the Report view.

Timeline also allows managers to edit past Activity Reports, in case details were entered incorrectly on the original submission or other amendments need to be made. The Report view on an Activity also shows the Roster that was published with that Activity for the given date. History has never been this easy to access.

  1. Search Bar – Search for any activity by name.

  2. Date Selection – Select a month and year to view within the timeline.

  3. Timeline Switch – Switch between viewing past Activity dates (History) and future (Upcoming) dates.

  4. Filters – Filter the timeline by status, Program, and Activity.

  5. List – The list of Activities returned by the search, date, and filter settings.

Roster States

You will see a combination of these states in the Timeline > Upcoming view.

  • Roster is not started: No parts of the roster have been started for this activity.

  • Roster is unpublished: The roster has been started and saved, but not published.

  • Roster is published: The roster has been published and those on the roster have been notified through an email.

  • Activity cancelled: The activity has been cancelled. If a roster was published and then it was cancelled, the rostered volunteers will be notified. If there was no roster published, then no one is notified.

Report States

You will see a combination of these states in the Timeline > History view.

  • Report is not started: None of the Session Reports have been submitted for the Activity.

  • Missing session report(s): Some but not all of the Session Reports have been submitted for the Activity. [Tip: If you’re not expecting some Session Reports to be submitted, you can omit the report by clicking No Report For Session.]

  • Report complete: All Session Reports have been submitted.

  • Activity cancelled: An Activity Report will not be expected as the Activity did not run on the selected date. [Tip: If the Activity ran and you would like to submit a report for it, simply hit Click here to resume this activity and you will be able to fill in the Session Reports for the Activity.]

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