There are a few reasons why you might receive this error message:

  • Your email is incorrect: triple check you have entered the email address into your Volaby sign up. If you find you have used the wrong email, please complete the sign up process again with the correct email.

  • The verification email went to your spam/junk folder: More often than not, the Volaby verification emails are identified as spam by email servers. Be sure to check your spam folder to see if you missed it.

  • Do you have an Xtra email account? For our NZ volunteers, having an Xtra email is quite common. If you aren't receiving a verification email, it is likely Xtra has rejected it completely, and it won't be in your spam folder. To help us resolve this for you, follow the steps here

  • Reach out to the Volaby team. If you have tried a few times to retrieve your verification email, and the above options have not helped, please contact the Volaby team in the chat with your full name, email address and the volunteering organisation and we will help as soon as we can.

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