There are two types of reports to be completed in Volaby: Activity reports and Incidents reports

Activity Report: gathers data about your activities.

Who can submit an activity report? Anyone assigned to that activity, or a Program Manager or Admin.

Who can edit a submitted activity report? Only Admins and Program Managers of Volaby (highest level of permission) can edit reports. Once a activity report is submitted, volunteers cannot edit the report. If this is required, please contact the volunteering organisation to suggest these changes.

Who can create the questions in an activity report? Only Admins can create report types. Program Managers, although they can create activities, cannot create or edit report types.

Incident Report: gathers information about any incidents which occur as part of an activity.

Who can submit an incident report? A volunteer, Program Manager or Admin when an incident occurs.

Who can edit a submitted incident report? A Program Manager can view the incidents report, but cannot move them between new, working and closed status. An Admin can move incident reports from new, working to closed, and delete reports if they wish.

Who can create the questions/sections in an incident report? Only Admins can create incident reporting types. this is done through the Admin Console (accessible only to Admins)

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