There are two types of activities volunteers can join in Volaby:

  1. Open activity: an activity anyone can join!

  2. Requires approval activity: an activity which has a roster of specific volunteers

You may also want to join a waitlisted activity, find out how, here.

How to join an Open Activity:

  1. Click on Activities. Look across the top of your screen. Ensure you have selected All Activities and the filters across the top of the page are showing Any Day, Any Program, Any Duration, All Activity Types, All Activity Locations and Any Time. this will ensure all activities you can choose from will display.

  1. Click and scroll to find the activity you wish to join and click Join Now

  2. Click View Upcoming Rosters

  3. You will be sent to your activities calendar and you can select the dates that you are available to volunteer. Simply click through the calendar months and see the status of each activity. You can select Attend then Done if you wish to participate. If there are multiple sessions for an activity, you can select particular ones or all, depending on your availability. Use the Previous and Next options to view all the activities.

    Below is the legend for the rosters. You will see the colours change as you indicate your availability and sign up to activities.

  4. Once you have confirmed you can attend an activity, you can view the roster to see who else is on with you, and you can click on the event name to view more details.

5. You will receive an email notification when you have successfully signed up for an activity.

Join an activity that requires approval:

You will be able to note which are these activities on your Activities page from the clipboard icon. This means that if you would like to join the activity, a manager needs to approve this.

  1. Click on the Activity

  2. Click Apply Now

  3. Wait to be approved!

From the image below - you can see you can withdraw your application, in the below image (taken from the My Activities screen) you can see how long ago that application was made. This might be something to consider in withdrawing your application for an activity.

Head to the Select Availabilities page for the next steps!!

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