If you are receiving this message, you may have created an account with the incorrect volunteering organisation.

Each organisation who uses Volaby has its own unique sign in page. This means that Googling 'Volaby' and your volunteering organisation will, most of the time, send you to the wrong sign up page 😢. When signing up to Volaby, remember to check the name of the organisation which appears above your sign in fields. You should see "Sign In to (Your Volunteering Organisation Name)".

See an example below!

If you have created an account previously with the wrong organisation, please sign up again. To find the right Volaby account sign in page click here 😁

Another explanation for this error is your volunteer application might not be approved at this time.

The Volaby team don't have control over how fast your volunteer application is processed. If you are concerned, please reach out directly to your volunteering organisation.

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