Volunteers only have permission to view activities which are within the programs they belong to. If you can't view a particular activity, isn't most likely not a part of the program you belong to.

How do you change which programs you belong to? See below.

Upon completing your volunteer application, you will select your program. In order to change this or request inclusion in additional programs, you will need to reach out to your volunteering organisation. If you do not intend on volunteering in other locations or for different activity types, having access to every organisational activity is unnecessary. Only request this access if it is necessary.

How do I see activities across all my programs?

If you are in multiple programs, you may want to view of these opportunities at the same time.

  1. Go to Activities

  2. Select All Activities at the top of the page

  3. Filter by All Programs

What is a programme? Well, it differs from organisation to organisation, but usually a programme is the overarching home for a group of activities in one particular geographical location or type of volunteering.

For example; you are a volunteer in Mosman, NSW and seeking volunteer opportunities with the charity, Pitchatent. Pitchatent has a Sydney program, a Melbourne program and a Brisbane program for you to choose from. You would select the Sydney program because this is where you live and will most likely volunteer.

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