So you've got a great activity in Volaby but you want to change a few details about it!

How do I edit an activity?

  1. Click on Activities Console

  2. Search to find and click on the activity you wish to edit

  3. Click Edit and amend the details you would like to change

  4. Click Save

A really important note to make when editing the date of a regularly occurring activity:

Any reporting history associated with that activity date/day will disappear, so if you require your historical data, we suggest you:

  1. Duplicate the activity and change the date of the duplicate to what you now want it to be. You will need to add team members and volunteers again (if needed for the activity)

  2. Suspend the original activity. This will ensure you keep you data for the original activity and continue collecting data for the new date/day.

If you make an error and edit the date of an activity accidently and lose your historical data, you will need to:

  1. Go back into the edited activity and change the date/day/frequency back to what it was originally. Set the 'start date' back to when the activity first started.

  2. Ensure your historical reporting has returned. Look back through the Timeline feature of the Activities Console to confirm this.

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