No Volaby user has the ability to permanently delete an activity. Although this may be desirable at times, it is incredibly important that users do not have the ability to permanently delete any activity as the information and data stored within an activity can be vital to your reporting and impact measurement.

The only option provided to Admins is to Close an activity.

What do you mean by 'close' and activity?

Closing an activity will result in the activity's team being permanently disbanded and all future rosters being cleared. This should only be done if you will never use this activity again. You will lose visibility of the data associated with this activity permanently.

'Suspend' is more suited for temporary pauses in an activities operation.

How do I close an activity?

  1. Click Activities Console

  2. Search for and click on the activity you wish to close

  3. Click on the 'Active' button and select Close

  4. Read the warning message carefully to determine this action is right for your organisation

  5. Click Close

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