Editing rosters

Upcoming rosters can be edited through selecting any upcoming date in the Activities Console Directory even after they have been published.

To discard all new edits made to the roster, click the Cancel. To save your changes without publishing them just yet, click Save Changes. Otherwise, hit Publish if you’re happy with your changes.

Until the edited roster is published, volunteers will not be notified of any changes. If a roster has unpublished changes, it will have the Has unpublished changes status attached to it in the Directory.

Cancelling rosters

All rosters can be cancelled by Activity Leaders, Program Managers and Admins.

When a roster is cancelled, rostered volunteers will be emailed to notify them that the activity is no longer running on the date they were rostered on for.

Roster cancellations are not permanent, and can be undone later by clicking Click here to resume this activity when viewing a cancelled roster in Activities Console. Remember to select a cancellation reason (see here how to create these).

Still unsure?

CLICK HERE to discover how to Create and Publish a roster.

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