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How do I add (and remove) a volunteer to a team and activity?
How do I add (and remove) a volunteer to a team and activity?

How do managers add a volunteer to an activity

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Although Volaby allows volunteers to select their availability and join activities, not all volunteers are proactive in doing so. To support your volunteers in joining an activity, the following steps can be taken.

To add a volunteer to an activities team:

  1. Click into Activities Management and click the activity you wish to add a volunteer to

  2. Click Edit beside Team Information and then the Add Team Members button below the volunteer list (select the volunteer/s you wish to add).

  3. When you are happy with the list click Add Volunteers.

  4. Finalize these changes by hitting Done. The volunteer will then appear on the team for that activity moving forward. This means that you can easily roster them on in the future. If you want to remove volunteers from a team, click Edit Team, and click the red X next to the volunteer/s you wish to remove and hit Done.

If you have managed rosters - then roster a volunteer on a shift:

  1. Click into the Rosters and click on the Activity you wish to create a roster for.

  2. Go to the day and date of the activity in the future.

  3. This will bring up a list of all your volunteers that are on that team for that activity. If you wish to add a volunteer for just that specific shift but not be on the team then scroll down to the bottom and click Add New Volunteer to select the volunteer you want and click Add Volunteers to finalise. Depending on the activity you may have volunteers who have indicated their availability or not.

  4. Hover over the No Indication button and click it for the applicable volunteers. Once clicked, you will see To Be Rostered appear.

  5. You will see the Publish Roster or Save Changes button appear at the bottom of the screen. You can choose to publish the roster and volunteers will be emailed so they know they are rostered.

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