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Using the Activities-All Activities page

Written by Katie Lavidis
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Activities vary for each organisation, they are commonly the shifts or events available for volunteers to attend.

  • As a new volunteer, you will need to select the activity you would like to be involved in.

  • As an existing volunteer, you may wish to add another activity or change your existing activity.

  1. Navigate to your 'Activities' page and select 'All Activities'

2. You will see a list of all activities available in your Program. By clicking on the activity name you can view additional information on the activity.

3. Click on the dropdown to apply. When you apply to an activity, one of three things will happen

  • The dropdown will say Joined - you are now in the activity

  • The dropdown will say Applied - the organisation needs to approve your application to join the activity

  • The dropdown will say waitlisted - the volunteers in the activity have reached a limit and you will be able to join when other volunteers leave

Please note: you can currently only apply to activities from 'List View' and not from 'Map View'.

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