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Setting your availability
Setting your availability

Using the Availability Center

Written by Katie Lavidis
Updated over a week ago

Before you can volunteer, you will need to set your availability. This will inform your organisation when you should be rostered on to volunteer.

To set your availability please follow these steps:

  1. Click on 'Availability Centre' in the top-right corner of your screen.

  2. Select the activity you wish to set your availability for and click 'Next'.

  3. Select the session you wish to set your availability for and click 'Next'

  4. Choose the dates you are available to volunteer and click 'Submit'.

  • You can choose the frequency you are available (i.e. you are available every fortnight)

  • You can choose the length of time you want to set (i.e. I want to set my availability for a month and review before the next month)

  • You can click on specific dates on the calendar for specific dates

  • You can click on the small (x) on the right of dates to remove your availability for that specific date

    Please note: If your availability has already been set for a specific date, it will be greyed out in the calendar and will not be able to be selected or removed in the availability center).

To mark yourself Unavailable:

  1. Navigate to Activities.

2. Click on the My Rosters tab.

3. Look for the roster that you want to edit, and on its right side, you will see the "NOT INDICATED" or the “AVAILABLE” button, and then click on it.

4. If the button is marked “AVAILABLE”, you will then be given two options- “Update Availabilities” and “Unavailable”.

Select “Unavailable”.

5. If the button is marked “NOT INDICATED”, you will then be given two options- “Available” and “Unavailable”.

Select “Unavailable”.

Once you have marked yourself unavailable, you will see this indication on the roster.

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