Please note: If you have been rostered on by your organisation, you will not be able to change your availability for that day. If this occurs, please notify your organisation.

How to view and change your availability:

  1. Navigate to 'Activities' and select 'My Rosters'.

  2. You will see a list of your upcoming Rosters for all of your activities. The colour and dropdown will indicate your current availability (Available, unavailable or not indicated).

  3. Click on the dropdown to alter your availability.

If the dropdown says:

  • Available - you will have the option to update your availabilities for different sessions or make yourself unavailable

  • Not indicated - you will have the option to make yourself available or unavailable

  • Unavailable - you will have the option to make yourself available

If you want to make yourself unavailable for a date more than a month in advance please see the instructions below:

  1. Click the calendar.

2. Select the date.

3. Click the dropdown and select unavailable.

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