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Completing activity reports
Completing activity reports

Using the Activity Report page

Written by Katie Lavidis
Updated over a week ago

Activity reports are a great tool for organisations to track and monitor their impact. Activity reporting will vary for different organisations depending on their needs.

If you are required to complete an activity report by your organisation, please use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to 'Activity Report' and select 'Incomplete Reports'

  2. Click on the date requiring a report

  3. Click 'New Report' for the desired session

  4. Fill in time, volunteer attendance and any other field required by your organisation and click 'Save Report'.

How do I make a note on my report of someone, not on the activity team, that has come to the activity?

We have created the ability to make note of volunteers who are not on your team on your report. Now that you have your team set up that will generate when you create your rosters, you may need to make note of another helpful human!

  1. Add Volunteer function under Attendance - This might be someone that attends a specific shift for just that 1 date from another team that you don't think will become permanent. They exist on Volaby as they have an account but were not rostered for that shift

  1. Add the Other Attendee button - Maybe someone from another organisation (that isn't on your Volaby) has hopped on board and helped today and you want to make a note. You can make a note of their name and although it will not be linked to their account, as they don't have one, their name will still be noted on the report

On the Activity report page, you can also view:

  • Completed reports - reports for activities that have already been completed by a volunteer

  • Omitted reports - reports that do not need to be completed (i.e. if an activity has been cancelled for that day)

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