This guide is for the purpose of managed roster which will require managers or activity leaders to select a team and publish the roster to lock in that team.

NEW UPDATE: Bulk rosters

Single View Rosters

  1. Navigate to the ‘Rosters’ tab and toggle ‘Single View’ in the top right corner.

2. Select the date and activity on the right-hand side

3. Have a quick look at your volunteer’s availability for each session

  • No indication- the volunteer has not indicated availability

  • Available- the volunteer is available for the session

  • Unavailable- the volunteer is unavailable for the session

4. Click on the box for all volunteers that need to be in the team that day, it will then read ‘to be rostered’.

5. Once the team has been selected you can either

  • Save changes- this will create a draft (no volunteers will be notified)

  • Publish roster- this will finalise the roster (volunteers will be notified and will no longer be able to change their availability for that day)

Bulk View Rosters

  1. Navigate to your ‘Rosters’ page and toggle ‘Bulk View’ in the top right corner

2. Click on a volunteers availability to roster them on to a session (you also have the option to mark as unavailable)

3. Fill in availabilities for the desired number of weeks using the arrows to navigate weeks.

Please note: You can use the back arrows to view historical roster data

4. Select Publish Changes to roster the volunteers on (You can also Save Changes to draft the roster).

Please note: Ensure you are aware of the volunteer limits when rostering in bulk as you must be in ‘Single View’ to view limits.

Our Tip: Volunteers cannot make changes to availability once rosters are published. Make sure you are aware of how far in advance volunteers set their availability.

Other functions:

Add volunteers to a specific roster (in Single View): This can be done using the ‘Add New Volunteer’ button under the listed volunteers.

Add volunteers to a specific roster (in Bulk View): This can be done using the 'Options' on the right-hand side and selecting ‘Add New Volunteer’.

Mark volunteers as unavailable (in Single View): This can be done using the arrow to the volunteer's name and clicking ‘Mark as unavailable’.

Learn how to edit a roster more than 1 month in advance.

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