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Cancel and Closure Reasons for Activities (Admins Only)
Cancel and Closure Reasons for Activities (Admins Only)

These are great self-configurable tags you can create so your operations, even when they aren't running, are still easily communicated!

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Operations - in the Admin Console

The Operations panel contains settings for cancellation and closure options. These are important pieces of configuration as the data that comes from cancelled rosters and closed activities will provide valuable insights whenever you’re reviewing your operations history.

These items can be re-ordered using the handle on the left, and removed using the button on the right. Removing cancellation or closure reasons will not affect any history.

Cancellation reasons

Cancellation reasons are used when a manager is cancelling a roster. Cancelled rosters are indications that an activity is generally healthy but was unable to be delivered for that particular date. Rosters can be cancelled at any time before or after they were supposed to run.

Missed activities (see your Impact Dashboard) are an indication of uncertainty. Ideally there will be no missed activities that have not been either completed by retro-actively submitting an activity report, or cancelled by cancelling the past roster/report.

Closure reasons

Closure reasons are used when an activity is being closed. Closing an activity is considered more severe, and often more permanent than suspension. Closed activities can be opened at any time if circumstances change. You will need to select an end date for this closed activity, albiet it the day of cancellation of a date prior.

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