What are bulletins?

Bulletins are an easy way to post updates and share important information with your volunteers. They are global meaning that they are visible to everybody. Volunteers will see these updates on the My Elements page.

Creating a bulletin:

  • Title: Give your bulletin a short, descriptive name so that people know what the update is about and can find past information easily.

  • Pinned: Switch this on to keep your bulletin pinned to the top of the list. You can come back to existing bulletins and toggle this on or off at a any time

  • Content: Put as much information as you need in the bulletin. If you’ve created a resource before you’ll be familiar with this rich text editor.

  • Notify: Choose whether or not to notify your volunteer of this bulletin. If this is on, every volunteer will be notified that a bulletin has been posted.

You can use the Admin Console to edit existing bulletins.

You can also delete bulletins at any time. Be careful with deleting important information if it isn’t stored anywhere else.

You can also set the privacy for each bulletin post and set it to such, where only some groups of volunteers are able to view it.

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