See the permissions guide [here] to view what an Activity Leader can access and can do for you and your team.

To promote a volunteer to an Activity Leader:

  1. Head to any Activity in your Activities Console that has a team
  2. In the Activity summary screen scroll down until you hit the list of the "Team" Remember your team is the pool of volunteers that are associated mostly with that activity. For a reminder on how to build a team, see[How to Build a Team]
  3. Click 'Edit Team'
  4. Click on the volunteer you want to be an Activity Leader until it pops up with (Activity Leader) beside their name. You can have more than 1 Activity Leader per team, and you can also have an Activity Leader for a single volunteer activity. Also, your Activity Leaders can be Activity Leaders of more than 1 activity if need be.
  5. Hit 'Done'

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