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Volaby 2.7.0 Release Notes
Volaby 2.7.0 Release Notes

Volaby 2.7.0 Release Notes

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

For the month of May, we are happy to announce that we have improved our SMS sending functionality to now allow for roster confirmations to be recorded in Volaby. Volunteers that are on a roster will be asked to confirm their attendance using either "Y" or "N" which will then reflect in the roster within their activity. Just one more step to an expanded suite of SMS communications in Volaby. In addition to this we have implemented several fixes and quality of life improvements.

New Features

  • 2-way SMS: 24-48 hours before a rostered activity, an SMS will be sent to all rostered volunteers reminding them of their attendance asking them to confirm using Y or N which will then show in the activity roster. Guide HERE


  • Move the chat bubble in the bottom right to allow easier navigation between paginated lists (volunteer database most notably)

  • Moved the Onboarding Checklist from behind the chat bubble to next to the profile at the top of screen.

  • Removed autofill options from fields that were preventing addresses being input correctly when creating activities

  • Allow Program Managers to view the "Aggregate" view of the Impact Dashboard

  • Resolved an issue where Activity Leaders couldn't see anything on the Map View of the Activity Console

  • Fixed an issue with Sorting Activities on the Activity Console page

  • Resolved an issue where auto-fill was replacing emergency contact names with Volunteer names when completing a volunteer profile.

  • Removed a duplicated field (Preferred Name) in the Volunteer Profile Task

  • Improved the information available when viewing an activity including a better view of the location, the frequency and the ending time of an event.

  • Resolved an intermittent scrolling issue for users on Mac and iOS devices.

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