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Creating a Program (Admins Only)
Creating a Program (Admins Only)

How to create a new program in Volaby

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To create a program:

  1. Navigate to the Program Management page.

  2. Click Create Program

  3. Name your program; you can also give it a description that will give your volunteers more context on this program.

  4. Decide on Settings

    You can have volunteers just join the program or toggle on to apply, where they must be accepted by a program manager or admin to join.

    You can toggle on Hidden Program so that only volunteers who are part of this program can see it. We have examples for both of these listed below!

  5. Click 'Save Basic Info'.

Examples for settings:

Volunteers Must Apply

You might have your programs as types of volunteering, different commitment levels or locations. You can turn this on so that volunteers can browse and you can accept if you are happy with them joining. You can also have this turned off so that volunteers can join and browse opportunities as they like.

Hidden Program

Programs could be used for staff members or leaders, turning on this feature would mean that users cannot apply or see this program while they are onboarding, but instead higher permission levels will add people as they see fit.

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