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Volaby 2.8.0 Release Notes
Volaby 2.8.0 Release Notes

Volaby 2.8.0 Release Notes

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

We have been feedback from some of our partners that the load times on the Volunteer database were leaving a lot to be desired. This was due to us trying to load a large amount of data about all volunteers all at once. We took some time to re-work this page and the information contained on it so that we can load things much more quickly.

The first thing that you will notice is how much faster the page loads, we have needed to make a couple of changes though to preserve these improvements so you will notice that there are a couple of changes to the page. We have reduced the search functionality to include searching by name, email address and phone number. You are however able to go into the filters in the top right to find any information from your volunteer database.

The second item you will notice is when you are exporting data, you will now get a dialog box showing the status of your download. We have pushed the heavy lifting onto this page so these exports may take slightly longer than previously.


  • Reduced load times significantly on Volunteer Database

  • Improved visibility on CSV exports to show status

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