Open rosters

Volunteers can add and remove themselves from the roster freely.

To add volunteers to an open roster, managers and activity leaders will have to follow the same process of selecting and publishing volunteers as a managed roster.

Managers and activity leaders can also remove volunteers who have added themselves to an open roster, however doing so will prevent removed volunteers from being able to add themselves back to the roster.

Rostering via Activities:

  1. Click on Activities Console

  2. Click on an upcoming activity you wish to create a rostered for

  3. You will see any volunteers who have applied to attend the activity on the far right side of the screen

  4. Click through the volunteers and approve (or waitlist) them for the activity team

  5. Once a volunteer is added to the team they will appear in the team section of the activity

6. Build your team as you would like and remove volunteers if needed by clicking into Edit Team and removing those volunteers you no longer need in the team

CLICK HERE to discover more about creating and publishing rosters

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