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Admin Dashboard

Dashboard for Managers and Admins

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We have created a new dashboard for Admins and Program Managers in Volaby! Taking on feedback from our partners, we have implemented 3 key areas on one page to allow for easier management of volunteering activities:

  • A calendar view of activities (that you have permission to view)

    • Day, Week and Month views

    • Colour coding on activities that require more volunteers or those that require rosters to be created

    • An opportunity to better plan the spread of your activities and see all of them in one place

  • View Incoming Volunteers that are ready to be approved

    • A section showing incoming volunteers prioritised by those that require action

    • Status bar of the overall completion of their profile

  • Outstanding reports section

    • View the list of reports that need to be completed

    • Admins can now click through and see all reports across all programs requiring action.

Take a look at the video below for a preview of the new Dashboard:

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