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Activities & Rosters - Revamp!
Activities & Rosters - Revamp!

Volaby's new release for Nov 2021!

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

We wanted to share something really exciting regarding some new functionality in Volaby.

Through our research, surveys and usage indications we have been working on some really cool functionality to update the way we handle Activities & Rosters.

The main points are:

  • Splitting out the Activities Console into 3 pages

    • Activities

    • Rosters

    • Report Management

  • Revising the layout of each of the above pages for better clarity

  • Improved User Interface and User Experience

This is a rather large change to Volaby, but one that we think is going to be so much clearer and easier to understand in the long term. As such, we are going to introduce it gently as part of a Beta menu item that can be accessed by users that have permission to see it (Program Managers and Admins).

When this is released, you will notice 3 new menu items in a “Management V2” section that will give you a chance to interact with these items as you normally would with the piece of mind of being able to go back to the ways you are used to if you are having troubles.

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