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Adding New Tasks for Existing Volunteers
Adding New Tasks for Existing Volunteers

Tasks, uploads & existing volunteers

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

We are excited to announce that we have made a change to allow managers to add information to tasks for existing volunteers. Previously, Volunteer tasks were locked to those that they had when onboarding into the system and would not reflect when new tasks were created or onboarding flows were expanded.

We have added a new field in the Volunteer profile (when you click on a Volunteer in the Volunteer Database) called "Incomplete Tasks" that will reflect any new tasks that have been created. These can be either "Onboarding" or within another task folders and allow for Managers to upload or enter in additional information and then save the items to the Volunteer's profile. We have created a short video below on how to use this new functionality or if you prefer, read on through the article:


To add tasks to your onboarding process, please check out the guide HERE

Once you have added your new tasks, you will be able to see this for all existing Volunteers through the Volunteer Database:

Once you have found the Volunteer that you would like to update, click on their record where you will see "Incomplete Tasks":

Select the task you would like to update, complete the required items and click submit:

Your completed "Incomplete Task" will then move to the "Completed Tasks" section of the profile.

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