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Prevent Volunteers Joining Full Sessions
Prevent Volunteers Joining Full Sessions

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Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

*Please note that this functionality applies to Open Rosters*

We have released a new feature for our partners that use "Open Rosters" meaning that once a volunteer is on an activity, they are able to add and remove themselves from the roster at will. This is a very flexible option however required the ability for Program Managers to prevent volunteers from joining sessions that are already full!

From the Volunteer side of things, setting your availabilities is made so much easier with you knowing which sessions are already full and preventing you from joining. This stops too many people from attempting to do the same activity and allows you to place your volunteering efforts where they are going to be most effective.

For Managers:

To enforce the maximum numbers on sessions, simply:

  1. Navigate to the relevant activity and select "Edit"

  2. Scroll to the sessions and select the one you want to limit numbers on

  3. Set your maximum volunteers

  4. Save the Session

  5. Save the Activity

This will prevent more than the maximum amount of volunteers from joining a session within an Activity. Not to worry though, you still have the ability as a Program Manager or Admin user to add additional volunteers yourself should the need arise.

For Volunteers:

Follow the process for setting your availabilities/joining the roster for a session:

  1. Navigate to "Activities"

  2. Select the Activity you would like to join the roster for

  3. Select "Update" next to the relevant date

  4. Go through the process of selecting each of the Sessions you would like to join and how regularly

  5. Submit your selections

For the Sessions that are full, you will receive a notification that you were unable to join some Sessions, and we will list them for you so you can go back and select other days/Sessions as you would like.

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