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New Manager Nav Menu
New Manager Nav Menu

New management menu for both admins and programs managers

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

At the end of 2021, we released a heap of new improvements to the management navigation menu. Since then, we have assessed the practical use of these across our partners, and received some amazing feedback that has helped to refine the most effective navigation menu layout for our users (see image below):

Although this is a new menu layout, the functionality and tabs should be well known to our users and include all the best bits of both worlds - excluding the inclusion of:

  • The "History" button in the Rosters tab - this will help managers quickly refer back to completed/missed/cancelled rosters to see who was there as well as a quick reference link to the completed activity report.

PLEASE NOTE! There is still the ability to switch back and forth between the new and old activity menu, just in case you get stuck and need a familiar layout!

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