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Volunteer Roles and Badges!
Volunteer Roles and Badges!

Volunteers, Roles

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

We are excited to announce the introduction of Volunteer Roles and Badges to Volaby.

Each organisation has different tasks that need to be completed and certain volunteers that are qualified to undertake those activities. Now you will be able to create and assign roles to volunteers to quickly understand more about your volunteer base and who you need turning up to various volunteering events. You can select icons to be attached to these roles as well so these are easy to spot as well.

Please note: You can also designate specific tasks to these roles now too. They will receive the badge when they have the role attached to their name and then when they have completed the task, they will have the badge with a tick. You read more on role based tasks here.

This can be super helpful when using the volunteer database when it comes to filtering and narrowing down the right volunteer for the right job!

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