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More Improvements (Release April 2022)
More Improvements (Release April 2022)

Activity reports, modifying reports, omitted reporting, waitlists and more!

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

As we continue to receive feedback from all our amazing partners, we have collated and selected the first batch of new additions and improvements that were most asked to now show you.

New Volunteer Waitlist Tab

We have improved the familiar waitlist functionality of Volaby, only now to include the ability to remove volunteers from waitlists, with the ability to send them a reasons as to why they were removed (this will be sent as an email). This can now also be accessed through the Volunteer Database tab with a dedicated 'Waitlist' section!

New Cancelled Activities details

Now you have the ability to cancel an activity and provide more details plus attachments to give your team more context and reasoning around cancelled shifts. You can edit the Cancellation reasons in Admin Console, under the Operations tab.

Edit reports in ROSTERS

Now you have the ability to complete and edit reports in the Rosters > History tab. This is similar to the older console that will now enable you to manage the core of your operations from the rosters tab.

New Omitted Reports tab

Previously omitted reports would sit in the incomplete tab, and caused confusion as to what reports required action. Now there is a new tab called "Omitted Reports" in the Activity Report Tab (under Volunteering) that will hold all activities where ALL REPORTS ARE OMITTED. If there are still sessions to be completed, they will sit in the Incomplete Reports tab, and if there is a mix of completed and omitted reports, they will sit in the Completed Reports tab.

Volunteer list now available for those Rostered

Previously when a volunteer would click into an upcoming activity, they could only see the whole list of Volunteers. Now, after feedback from many organisations, volunteer team lists will remain private and not accessible to volunteers, until they are ROSTERED ON. Then they will see all those who they are rostered on with for upcoming activities.

We hope you like these new improvements, and we are excited to hear your feedback!

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