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New Release: Import Volunteers
New Release: Import Volunteers
Import volunteers using a CSV to by-pass and add new profiles
Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

The Volaby team have been working super hard to bring you our latest Volaby Release - one of the most highly demanded features ever!

Challenges to address:

  • Managers want to be able to by-pass the onboarding workflow for new volunteers by adding them in themselves from their account.

  • New Organisations who want to import their volunteers straight into the system, that includes all their existing volunteer hours on their profiles.


  • Our new CSV volunteer upload tool that uploads up to 200 volunteer profiles at a time, using 4 simple steps!

Check out the how-to video below to see the new feature in action:

Finally, here is an example of the email sent to volunteers who are uploaded to your system:


  • This first release will allow only core volunteer data to be uploaded such that their profile can exist, they can login and receive SMS/email notifications. This include:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

    • Phone Number (make sure to include area code - e.g. Australia starts with +61)

    • Program (set by you)

    • Date of Birth (DOB)

    • Additional Volunteer Hours (for their profile)

    • Date created (for history reference)

  • More additions to this are expected as we develop this feature in the future, and is expected to include the ability to upload customised fields from your onboarding workflow and configured profile (For example, if you ask for their "emergency contact details" or perhaps their "shirt size", etc.)

  • The ability for bulk upload of attachments is not yet set for the future given the complexity of this type of functionality.

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