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Program, Role, Activity and Permission Level Based Tasks
Program, Role, Activity and Permission Level Based Tasks
Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

We are now excited to bring you more SEGMENTATION!

Some times there are different requirements and/or tasks required depending on what program a volunteer chooses. For example:

Program Based Tasks

Volunteers in Sydney might need to provide different information to volunteers who operate in Brisbane. Which is why we have created this feature, so that new and existing volunteers only provide the information relevant to their program.

Similarly, volunteers can now also allocate specific tasks for those who are allocated select role types or part of specific activities. For example:

Role Based Tasks

If a volunteer wants to become a 'Driver', they can now be allocated the 'Driver' role (click here to see how to create/manage roles), which can now come with customisable tasks that these volunteers need to complete - i.e. Role Based Tasks.

Activity Based Tasks

You might like your volunteers part of an activity to have some specific training. When you create task segmentation now, you can select the programs you would like and it will populate options of activities for you to select.

(please note, the volunteer will be labelled with the new role and will then have said outstanding task show up on the My Elements dashboard to complete. Volunteers will not have their role withheld if the task isn't completed, but you will be able to see in the Volunteer Dashboard if they have/have not completed this task).

Permission Level Tasks

This will vary depending on how you use your permission levels on Volaby. You might utilise them within your organisation for different levels of volunteers, these tasks can then be used to assign training to your leaders or tasks that just pertain to general volunteers.

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