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New Release: Quiz Tasks
New Release: Quiz Tasks

Create tasks for (new and existing) volunteers to complete that include Quiz based fields to make sure they answer correctly

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

Admins can now create QUIZ TYPE tasks for volunteers to complete - in order to confirm they understand the information and select the correct answers before completing.

How does this work (this process has been updated since the video above

  1. Create or modify a task in the 'Task Management' Tab (Admins only)

  2. Click "Add field" in the task, and select "QUIZ" from the available field type options

  3. Add your question

  4. Add available options/answers in each of the field lines

  5. Tick the box next to the correct answer they need to select

  6. If you would like them to keep answering the question until they select the correct one, turn on "Allow Retry". If you don't mind if they get it wrong, then turn this option off.

Incoming volunteers will then see this QUIZ as part of their onboarding tasks/questions. Existing volunteers will then see this task in the MY ELEMENTS screen under tasks.

Example Use Cases:

  • If you would like IMPORTANT pieces of information to be well understood, try adding them as a 'Quiz type' field so that they need to keep answering it until they acknowledge the correct answer - e.g. "If you can't make it to shift, how much notice do you need to give the team leader?".

  • Part of an online Learning Management System (LMS), you could set up a video they need to watch, then prompt them with questions they need to get right in order to verify and validate they learnt important items in this content/training.

  • INDUCTIONS - use this as a way to show them a video about what they need to know for the role, then quiz them with questions about the content to ensure they have read/watched all the content and validate their understanding.

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