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Change a published Roster
Change a published Roster

Using the Rosters page

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If you have published a roster and need to make changes to the roster you can do so using the 'Rosters' page.

Here's how to edit a published roster:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Rosters’ page.

2. Select the date and activity on the right-hand side

3. Click on the box next to the volunteer to remove them or add them to the roster. The box will read ‘To be removed’ or ‘to be rostered’.

4. Select ‘Save Changes’ or ‘Publish Changes’.

You can also create Roster Notes that will go to the entire rostered team, or Session Notes that will go to the volunteers rostered on that session.

As the roster has already been published, the information will just appear on the rostered volunteers My Elements page when they click on rostered card.

Please note that when changes are made, the affected volunteers will be sent an email to notify them of the information.

A text will also be sent 24-48 hours before the activity. The roster has to be published before 4pm BNE time on the day prior to the activity for texts to send.

You can look at these messages in Customise and Track Communications.

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