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Customise and Track Communications
Customise and Track Communications

Make your communications suit your organisation!

Written by Emma Duce
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We give you more power and customisation options than we've ever had on Volaby. Communication preferences are something we know you are excited for and has been a major focus It was clear that we wanted to help organisations have their communications look and feel more custom to them.

You can:

  • Decide how you want all of your users to be greeted

  • Select a logo to appear on your emails and sign in page

  • Add some custom content to specific emails

  • Turn off specific emails

Why is this amazing?

  • Your communications will have your organisations look and feel

  • Control how often your volunteers are communicated

  • Add any additional information you need

  • Give extra content to your volunteers that is organisation specific

To start customising your communications:

  1. Visit the Admin Console

  2. Click on Preferences to see your settings for your logo, greeting and sign off across your whole organisation

  3. Now, click the Templates option to see each email

  4. You can then disable specific emails, send test emails and even add custom text to some of our emails too


We can now give you visibility over every communication that has been sent to your volunteers on a individual level. You can also see the status (including clicked, replied, opened) as well as the ability to search or filter.

  1. Visit the Volunteer Database

  2. Find the Volunteer you are looking for

  3. Click their profile

  4. Scroll down to the Communications section

  5. Click View Communications to open a list

  6. If they have a longer history of communications to sort through then you can click View More to open a window, giving you the option to search, and filter by type, date and time

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