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New Release: Roster View Across Multiple Weeks (Bulk Rosters)
New Release: Roster View Across Multiple Weeks (Bulk Rosters)
Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

This week's release hopes to reduce the amount of clicks you need to make when rostering. At a glance you will be able to see who has been rostered on in previous weeks of your activity, to make informed decisions when creating your future rosters. Without exiting this screen you can now view historical roster data for as long as the activity has been running AND plan well into the future.

  1. Visit the Rosters page

  2. Click the "Bulk View" button

  3. Select the Activity along the right hand side

  4. Use the arrows under the search bar to move backwards and forwards in weeks

  5. Select a box under a date

  6. Select the session

  7. Hit "Publish Changes" as usual to publish a roster and send the relevant emails

Please note: You can still use the Single View Roster screen and choose which view you want to use as default. Ensure you are aware of the volunteer limits when rostering in bulk as you must be in ‘Single View’ to view limits.

We know this is VERY exciting but please remember that once you post your rosters your volunteers will not be able to edit their availability for that date, so don't go too crazy!

With this new view we think there are some benefits:

  • View who has attended previous shifts on 1 screen

  • Save time by creating multiple rosters at once

  • Make informed decisions in relation to which volunteers to roster with past and present information on 1 page

Why is this amazing?

  • Make sure every volunteer gets their fair share of shifts

  • Decide and action your month's rosters in 1 go

  • As a manager get a more wholistic view of your volunteers activeness

  • Easy for people who are not usually part of this activity or new to it, to get an idea of what volunteering looks like

  • Still be able to see availability across various sessions or mark people as unavailable

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