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New Release: No Report Required and the new Availability Centre
New Release: No Report Required and the new Availability Centre
Written by Katie Lavidis
Updated over a week ago

No Report Required

This latest release has been a long time coming, the ability to create activities that do not require reports... AND the ability to create activities with self-generating reports. When creating or editing activities, you will be able to choose one of the following 3 options for each session:

Please click the links on the above 3 options to see more on why and how to use these features.

This will reduce the burden on Leaders and Volunteers to fill in reports when impact data is either not required or only needs to track the volunteers in attendance and the duration of the activity.

Availability Centre

As well as upgrading our reporting feature, we have also improved our Availability Centre to improve visibility and provide more choices to volunteers.

The new availability centre has:

  • clear graphics outlining previously set availabilities and unavailability's

  • the ability to view and remove particular days at the click of a button

  • the ability to set availability for specific days of the week

  • the ability to begin the availability frequency from either 'this week' or 'next week', if for example you are hoping to start your fortnightly availability from next week rather than this week

Why is this amazing?

  • If impact data is not relevant for a certain activity, you will not need to worry about what goes in the report

  • If only the who and how long is relevant for impact, Volaby will do the work for you

  • Save your time to spend where it matters, making an impact!

  • Volunteers have greater visibility and control over the availability centre and can be specific about when they are available

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