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New Release: Task Management Page
New Release: Task Management Page
Written by Katie Lavidis
Updated over a week ago

We are firm believers in the saying "change doesn't have to be scary" and we promise this new update will change things for the better. Before this change, the two main functions of tasks were split across different pages:

Creating/editing in the Admin Console; and

Approving in the Volunteer Database

To reduce the complexity of working with tasks, we created the Task Management page. This page pulls all task-related information into one compact page allowing you to:

- View tasks requiring approval

- Approve or revert tasks for each volunteer

- Create tasks (including expiring tasks)

- Edit tasks

Why is this amazing?

  • Get an overview of what needs to be approved

  • Quickly check and approve tasks in one place

  • Have a clear picture of task settings with status chips (these will let you know which tasks are set to manual review, restricted visibility, expiry and updating allowed)

  • Create expiring tasks (based on a start date and frequency) so you can ensure volunteers are up to date with training, waivers, courses and so much more

  • Set an expiry date on documents to ensure all tasks contain up-to-date records. Say a driver's licence will expire on 12/12/2022, the task will become an incomplete task on 12/12/2022 and notify the volunteer that the task is now incomplete.

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