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Activity Tags
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We understand that sometimes grouping your activities by program just isn't enough. We have developed the ability to "tag" your activities or in other words theme or group them together.

  • Volunteers: Your volunteers will be able to use these tags to search in the Activities page

  • Managers: You will be able to utilize these tags in your impact dashboard

They will also show up in any relevant embeddable widgets you use, if you want to find out more about these you can read more in our article here.

An example of how you might use this feature is to create tags for the type of activity you are running like, "rubbish collection" or "festival" to help streamline your volunteers process when searching or useful for you to compare data when looking at specific streams.

  1. Firstly Visit Admin Console and visit the Activity Tags page

  2. Go to the "Add New Tag" button at the top right

  3. Add a title, description and choose whether you want this tag visible to your volunteers or the public

  4. Select "done" when you are ready to save and move on

  5. Now you can browse the tags you have created and click the "Activities" button beside your tag to add your desired Activities. You can utilise the search function of the program filter.

  6. Hit the exit cross at the top right of the pop up when you are done and return to your list to browse your tags with the attached Activities

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