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New Release: Comms Preferences, Role Badges, Activity Tasks
New Release: Comms Preferences, Role Badges, Activity Tasks
Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

We give you more power and customisation options than we've ever had on Volaby. Communication preferences are something we know you are excited for and has been a major focus It was clear that we wanted to help organisations have their communications look and feel more custom to them.

But wait there's more!
We bundled this up with some other exciting new features and updates. Read more on all of this exciting news below.

We will provide a virtual overview training for all of these exciting and major features, so keep an out. However, in the meantime, please see information on our new releases below.

Communication Preferences

  • Add your logo to your emails and log in page

  • Add custom content to emails

  • View the automated emails that are sent from the system

  • Turn off specific emails you wouldn't like to send to your users

Why is this amazing?

  • Your communications will have your organisations look and feel

  • Control how often your volunteers are contacted

  • Add any additional information you need

  • Give extra content to your volunteers that is organisation specific

Additional Updates

  • Badges assigned with Roles

  • Verification tick when they complete tasks attached to Role

  • Task segmentation by Activity

  • Search volunteers by nickname in Volunteer Database

  • Tasks for new applicants

  • Ability to hide Tasks

  • Ability to see deleted Report questions

    If you have deleted a question in a report, when visiting the completed report or data you will still be able to view this information.

Why is this amazing?

  • Badges create more visibility while creating rosters

  • Create tasks for specific applicants to finish before attending an activity

  • More control over data for admins

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