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Expiration Dates on Tasks
Expiration Dates on Tasks
Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

You now have the ability to create an expiry date for a task! There are 2 ways to create the expiry, you can either have the same date for everyone, that is decided by you or you can have a date entered by the user.

Please note: When this task expires, you can decide whether you would like the higher permission levels to update this only or whether you would like to give your users the option to update the task. Your users will then have this task pop up again on their My Elements page to complete.

We will walk you through this but want to give you some examples or where this might be useful.

Expiry Date Entered by Organisation

  • Keeping volunteers training up to date, making sure they refresh on important information

  • Yearly survey or information you want to collect

Expiry Date Entered by User

  • Updating documentation that has expired like Drivers Licence or Blue Card

To create an task with expiry date entered by organisation:

  1. Visit Task Management page

  2. Click Create Task in the top right hand corner

  3. Toggle on the Task Expiry option

  4. Select Start Date and the Frequency that you would like it to be sent back to your users to complete

  5. Then use the toggle Volunteers Can Update to give them the ability to update the task themselves

To create an task with expiry date entered by user:

  1. Start by clicking Add Field in your task

  2. Add the question in the Field Name and select Date as the Field Type

  3. Click toggle for Expiry Field

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