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New Release: New Report Tools, Bulk Rosters View and Signatures Field
New Release: New Report Tools, Bulk Rosters View and Signatures Field
Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

We have 3 new areas of functionality within Volaby this week. All of these ideas have been introduced to us by some of our wonderful partners and we cannot wait to see you implement them.

  1. New Report Management Functions
    New page layout, ability to merge fields, pin fields and archive reports.

  2. Bulk Roster View
    This view can now be expanded to 5 weeks at a time, being able to adjust what weeks you are viewing moving either 1 week at a time or 5 weeks at a time.

  3. Signature Field
    You can now ask users to sign as a response for a task field.

Report Management Tools

We understand how important the incredible work you do is and want to make sure we can help you manage this data. The new features include:

  • Refreshed Report Management page
    Better visibility over report types and report fields (i.e. the questions your users answer).


  • Merge Report Fields
    If you have the same field in more than 1 report, you can now collate them into 1 data point.
    ​Example: I have 2 different reports asking how many pieces of rubbish we collected, I can now merge these 2 sets of data into one so I can see how many pieces of rubbish we have collected all together in the Impact Dashboard


  • Pinned Report Field
    Pin important fields to the top of your page for easier visibility when creating new reports.
    ​Example: My star rating asking volunteers how they find their activity is something I would like in all reports, so I can pin this to the top and it will be easy to see when anyone is creating reports

Bulk Roster View (5 Weeks)

Why is this amazing?

  • Can roster weeks at a time in 1 screen

  • Visibility over past and future rosters

  • You can choose which chronological weeks you would like to view with the new buttons

Signature Field


  • Code of Conduct for your organisation

  • Consent forms

  • Agree that they have reviewed training or a new procedure

Why is this amazing?

  • Users can authorise actions with their signature

  • Can be used during onboarding or for tasks assigned after onboarding

  • Information can be stored and retrieved later on from their profile

We are really excited about the possibility these features give our partners. Please reach out if you need any assistance.

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