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New Release: Volunteer Profile, Impact Dashboard, Segmentation and More
New Release: Volunteer Profile, Impact Dashboard, Segmentation and More

Release notes on upgrades to the volunteer profile, rostering for large organisations and more.

Written by Emma Duce
Updated over a week ago

Hi there,

The Volaby team have been hard at work releasing a range of improvements to your experience using the platform. Check out the details for Version below.

  • Rosters

    • Large organisations will now have their upcoming roster view restricted to 14 days into the future by default. Volaby will now display 'Next x Days', last 'Last x Days' buttons to make the process of seeing rosters in the future and past easier.

  • Admin Console Security

    • Organisations will now be able to see the IP address admin users last logged in with.

  • Impact Dashboard

    • Users now have access to two additional columns - Attendances and Unique Volunteers.

    • All instances of US formatted dates have been removed.

  • Volunteer Profile Dialog

    • When viewing a volunteer's profile, privileged users will now be able to see activities the volunteer is waitlisted for.

  • External Links

    • Users will be able to click a button on the Rosters, Incident Management, Activity Management and Resources pages that will copy a link of the current view/page to their clipboard, so they can easily share with other users.

  • Activity Enrolment

    • Program managers and admins will now have greater visibility over current and historical activity enrolments for volunteers. This includes: historical removals, managers they were added by and greater availability timeframes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Task Field - Media

    • Media (YouTube, Vimeo) uploaded to a task will no longer be duplicated.

  • Segmentation

    • Tasks, resources, bulletins, etc. that have 'activity segmentation' across multiple programs will now display the activities selected when editing, every time.

  • Report Fields/Types

    • Report types that have attached report fields, that have been previously archived, will now also be able to be archived.

If you need any assistance on how this might be useful in your volunteering model - please reach out!

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