Promoting a volunteer to a Program Manager is a great way for your management team to divide up the responsibilities in your organisation. Volaby sees program managers as being more of an operational manager, but to see a full list of what a Program Manager can do, see our permissions list here.

  1. Head to your Program Management page

  2. Click on the relevant Program

  3. Scroll down the list to the Volunteers section and using the search icon, search for the volunteer you are promoting. The volunteer needs to be a member of the program in order to be a Program Manager. If your volunteer is not in the list, you will need add them.

  4. When you have confirmed your volunteer is a member of the program, head up to Managers (just above the volunteers list), and click "Edit Managers"

  5. This will bring up a list of all of the volunteers in the program, select the volunteer you are promoting and click "Add Manager"

  6. You can have more than one Program Manager per program and your Program Managers can be Program Managers of more than one program.

How to remove a Program Manager

You will need to be an Administrator to edit the Program Manager list.

  1. Go to "Program Management" under Admin (in the side bar)

  2. Scroll down to the Managers section

  3. Click on "Edit Managers"

  4. Click on the red X beside the name of the Program Manager you wish to remove from the Program

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