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Managing an Incident Report (Admins and Program Managers)
Managing an Incident Report (Admins and Program Managers)

It is important that you have access to managing incidents your volunteers can submit, that may arise during your operations.

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UPDATED FEATURE: You can now edit incident reports to add additional information or change the traffic light rating

Volaby allows for incident reports to be submitted by volunteers to ensure safety and for you to capture all of the details regarding an incident in one place. Program managers will get notified via email if a volunteer in their program has submitted an incident report. To work through it:

  1. Navigate to the Incident Management page

  2. Select the 'New' tab and view the summaries of the Incidents reported

  3. Click on one and read its details.

Once the Incident Report has been accessed, Program Managers or Admins can click the 3 dots in the top right corner and either: Edit (change or add information and update the traffic light rating) or Export to CSV (for record-keeping purposes).

The Admin can also click the dropdown in the top right corner and assign the incident to New, In Review, Completed or Archive.

Volaby will also store edit history which can be viewed by accessing the report details.

Please note, that an email will be sent immediately to the Program Managers of that Activity. Admins do not receive an email about the incident directly and need to rely on Program Managers (and their own proactively checking) for updates on any incidents that have occurred.

Comments can be made under incidents with the option for attachments as well.

For information on creating your incident report framework, please click here.

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